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The Virtua for Women Primary Care & Wellness Center provides care exclusively to women with a focus on achieving overall wellness through fitness, nutrition and emotional well-being.


The Virtua Center for Integrative Medicine is a specialized practice offering a holistic approach to health and healing with acupuncture, bio-puncture and homeopathic remedies.


Virtua offers a wide range of programs to help women be fit and healthy in the smartest way possible – from private nutritional counseling and group classes to acupuncture and weight-loss surgery.


Virtua helps women relieve menopause symptoms and restore lost vitality due to age-related hormone changes with a range of treatments including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture and medical therapies.

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Rethink Your Relationship with the Bathroom Scale

Rethink Your Relationship with the Bathroom Scale

If you weigh yourself every day, you’ve noticed that your weight fluctuates from one day to the next. No, your bathroom scale’s not broken. Virtua dietitian Jennifer Cokl explains where those mysterious pounds come from and encourages you to rethink your relationship with your bathroom scale.

5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Menopause

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep During Menopause

Women will experience a myriad of symptoms during menopause, but the worst may be the inability to sleep. Lack of sleep can affect you mentally and physically. Get a good night's sleep during menopause with these 5 tips from Virtua OB/GYN Colleen McCleery, MD, FACOG.